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Top 3 cuisines in Karachi easily available on KNOK KNOK

Karachi is the metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is an industrial city supplying resources all across the country but what makes it different?
Let’s explore:

Why did we open in Karachi first?

Karachi is not just the city of lights but the city of foods, cuisines and refreshments. Karachi is prominent for inventing a vast variety of foods and cuisines. When it comes to food no one can beat Karachi. The food business and demand is elevating day by day because of the food lovers. Not just national but international vloggers visit Karachi, explore and taste the food. Karachi has attracted the foodies from all across the world. The dried items are packed and delivered as a gift in other countries.

What are the top 3 dishes?

Top three distinguished cuisines in Karachi are now easily available on KNOK KNOK:


Nihari is popular among karachiites and Punjabis. The dish came from the migration of Urdu Speaking Karachiites. People love to eat it with different types of meat such as beef, Mutton. Chicken etc. Only Nihari is not enough if it is not paired with Naan, an over cooked bread. KNOK KNOK team did a survey in Karachi and found the Indian recipe Nihari for the customers. We traced the hotels and restaurants who had iconic, traditional and genuine recipes for years. These hotels are now registered on KNOK KNOK app to make it easier to eat and within your reach. If you are living in Pakistan then you are a fond lover of one dish.


Biryani is the queen of all dishes. Not everyone is aware of making it in a real way. Biryani is the dish that completes your dining table. It is the only dish that stands alone and don’t need anything to eat with it except sides. It is a south Asian dish. You may have eaten different kinds of biryani on the Punjab side but if you haven’t tried the Karachi’s recipe you do not know what Biryani is. You can install a KNOK KNOK app now, book your dish, have it within 30 minutes and feel the taste.

Chicken Karahi:

When we are talking about the top dishes of Pakistan, how can we not consider Chicken Karahi? Chicken karahi is the favorite dish from children to old people. It contains chicken as the main ingredient but the invisible spices add color, taste and aroma into it which provokes you to eat more and more.
Are you tired of eating local foods and need to eat real food?
You can find it on KNOK KNOK. There are a vast variety of dishes served 24/7. We love to provide at your doorstep. Just book your meal within multiple clicks and enjoy!

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