These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) oversee your utilization of the sites and versatile applications gave by Knok Knok (or alluded to as “us”) (by and large the “Stages”). If it’s not too much trouble, read these T&Cs cautiously. By getting to and utilizing the Platforms, you concur that you have perused, comprehended and acknowledged the T&Cs including any extra agreements and any approaches referred to in this, accessible on the Platforms or accessible by hyperlink. On the off chance that you disagree or fall inside the T&Cs, kindly don’t utilize the Platforms.

The Platforms might be utilized by (I) regular people who have arrived at 18 years old and (ii) corporate lawful substances, e.g organizations. Where appropriate, these T&Cs will be dependent upon country-explicit arrangements as set out in this.

Clients beneath the age of 18 should get assent from parent(s) or lawful guardian(s), who by tolerating these T&Cs will consent to assume liability for your activities and any accuses related of your utilization of the Platforms as well as acquisition of Goods. In the event that you don’t have assent from your parent(s) or legitimate guardian(s), you should quit utilizing/getting to the Platforms right away.

Knok Knok maintains all authority to change or adjust these T&Cs (counting our approaches which are fused into these T&Cs) whenever. You are firmly prescribed to peruse these T&Cs consistently. You will be considered to have consented to the corrected T&Cs by your proceeded with utilization of the Platforms following the date on which the revised T&Cs are posted.


1.1 Who we are

Contingent upon which Platform you access and use, these T&Cs structure the agreement among you and the accompanying Knok Knok substances:

1.2 What we do

Through our Platforms, Knok Knok joins you to the sellers (“Vendors”) for you to arrange an assortment of merchandise including arranged suppers, non-arranged food and various non-food things (hereinafter aggregately alluded to as “Products”) to be conveyed to you. At the point when you submit a request for Goods from our Vendors (“Order”), Knok Knok goes about as a specialist for that Vendor to work with, measure and finish up the request and hence for possibly us or the Vendor to convey your Order to you. Sellers might be claimed and worked by outsider merchants, our subsidiary organizations, or us.

1.3 How to get in touch with us

For client service, you might contact us by means of email or through our in-application client care visit include.

  1. Use of the Platforms and Knok Knok Account

2.1 You should enlist for a Knok Knok represent you to utilize the Platform. At the point when you register for a Knok Knok account we will request that you give your own data including a substantial email address, a cell phone number and a special secret phrase. To buy an Order, contingent upon which installment strategy you choose, you might have to furnish us with your Visa subtleties. Your extraordinary secret word ought not be imparted to anybody and you consent to maintain it mystery consistently. You are exclusively liable for guarding your secret phrase. Save for instances of misrepresentation or misuse which are not your issue, you acknowledge that all Orders put under your Knok Knok account are your sole liability.

2.2 Knok Knok will not be obligated for Orders that experience conveyance issues because of fragmented, wrong or missing data given by you. You are obliged to give data that is finished, precise and honest for the appropriate handling of the Order, including your conveyance address and contact data.

2.3 If you wish to erase your Knok Knok account, if it’s not too much trouble, send us an email mentioning something very similar. We might limit, suspend or end your Knok Knok account or potentially utilization of the Platforms, in the event that we sensibly accept that:

2.3.1 somebody other than you are utilizing your Knok Knok account; or

2.3.2 where you are suspected or found to have been associated with any movement or direct that is in break of these T&Cs, our strategies and rules, or associated with action or lead which we consider in our sole caution to be a maltreatment of the Platforms.

  1. Restrictions

3.1 Activities Prohibited on the Platforms

Coming up next is a non-comprehensive rundown of the kinds of direct that are unlawful or precluded on the Platforms. Knok Knok claims all authority to explore and make a fitting legitimate move against any individual who, in Knok Knok’s sole carefulness, takes part in any of the disallowed exercises. Precluded exercises incorporate, however are not restricted to the accompanying:

3.1.1 utilizing the Platforms for any reason infringing upon neighborhood, state, or government laws or guidelines;

3.1.2 posting any substance that encroaches the licensed innovation rights, protection rights, exposure rights, proprietary advantage rights, or some other privileges of any party;

3.1.3 posting content that is unlawful, profane, disparaging, compromising, pestering, oppressive, hostile, derisive, or humiliating to some other individual or element as dictated by Knok Knok in its sole attentiveness or according to neighborhood local area guidelines;

3.1.4 posting content that comprises digital harassing, as dictated by Knok Knok in its sole prudence;

3.1.5 posting content that portrays any perilous, dangerous, or in any case unsafe conduct;

3.1.6 posting phone numbers, road locations, or last names of any individual;

3.1.7 presenting URLs on outside sites or any type of HTML or programming code;

3.1.8 posting whatever might be “spam,” as dictated by Knok Knok in its sole watchfulness;

3.1.9 mimicking someone else when posting content;

3.1.10 reaping or in any case gathering data about others, including email addresses, without their assent;

3.1.11 permitting some other individual or substance to utilize your ID for posting or review remarks;

3.1.12harassing, compromising, following, or mishandling any individual on the Platforms;

3.1.13engaging in whatever other direct that limits or represses some other individual from utilizing or partaking in the Websites, or which, in the sole tact of Knok Knok, uncovered Knok Knok or any of its clients, providers, or some other gatherings to any responsibility or disadvantage of any kind; or

3.1.14encouraging others to participate in any denied exercises as portrayed in this.

3.2 Knok Knok holds the right yet isn’t committed to do any or the entirety of the accompanying:

3.2.1 examine a charge that any substance posted on the Platforms doesn’t adjust to these T&Cs and decide in its sole prudence to eliminate or demand the evacuation of the substance;

3.2.2 eliminate content which is harmful, unlawful, or problematic, or that in any case neglects to adjust with these T&Cs;

3.2.3 suspend or end a client’s admittance to the Platforms or their Knok Knok Account upon any break of these T&Cs;

3.2.4 screen, alter, or reveal any substance on the Platforms; and

3.2.5 alter or erase any substance posted on the Platforms, whether or not such substance abuses these guidelines.

  1. Intellectual Property

All brand names, logos, pictures, and administration marks, including these T&Cs as shown on the Platforms or in our showcasing material, regardless of whether enlisted or unregistered, are the protected innovation of Knok Knok as well as outsiders who have approved us with the utilization (all in all the “Brand names”). You may not utilize, duplicate, recreate, republish, transfer, post, send, convey, or alter these Trademarks in any capacity without our earlier express composed assent. The utilization of Knok Knok’s brand names on some other site not supported by us is totally precluded. Knok Knok will forcefully uphold its protected innovation rights to the furthest reaches of the law, including criminal indictment. Knok Knok neither warrants nor addresses that your utilization of materials showed on the Platforms won’t encroach privileges of outsiders not possessed by or partnered with Knok Knok. Utilization of any materials on the Platforms is at your own danger.

  1. Restrictions on Goods

5.1 Some of the Goods we offer on our Platforms are dependent upon limitations for procurement (“Restricted Goods”), contingent upon the pertinent laws of the country you buy the Restricted Goods from. These limitations incorporate least age prerequisites for liquor/alcoholic items and whatever other merchandise that we save the right not to convey to your dependent on the significant legal necessities of the time being in power.

5.2 Alcohol/Alcoholic Products (“Alcohol”)

To buy Alcohol, you should be of the legal legitimate age. Knok Knok, the Vendor and their conveyance riders, all things considered, hold the solidly in their sole tact:

5.2.1 to request substantial evidence old enough (for example ID card) to any people before they convey Alcohol;

5.2.2 to reject conveyance in case you can’t demonstrate you are of lawful age; as well as

5.2.3 to reject conveyance to any people under any condition.

5.3 Cigarettes/Tobacco Products (“Tobacco”)

5.3.1 We might offer Tobacco on a portion of our Platforms where the laws permit. By making Tobacco available for purchase on our Platforms, we don’t indicate to publicize, advance or energize the buy or utilization of Tobacco in any capacity.

5.3.1 To buy Tobacco, you should be of the legal lawful age. Knok Knok, the Vendor and their conveyance riders, all things considered, save the solidly in their sole watchfulness:

to request substantial evidence old enough (for example ID card) to any people before they convey Tobacco;

to decline conveyance in case you can’t demonstrate you are of lawful age; or potentially

to decline conveyance to any people under any condition.

5.4 Any proposal for any Alcohol and Tobacco made on the Platforms is void when it is disallowed by law.

6 Orders

6.1 When you submit a request with Knok Knok, Knok Knok will affirm your request by sending you an affirmation email containing the Order receipt. Where pertinent, Orders will incorporate conveyance charges and any appropriate expense (for example labor and products charge, esteem added charge, and so forth)

6.2 Minimum Order Value – Some of our Vendors require a base request esteem (“MOV”) before an Order can be set and conveyed to you. Where a material Order neglects to meet the MOV, you will have the alternative of paying the distinction to meet the MOV or to add more Goods to your Order.

6.3 Special Instructions – Knok Knok and the Vendor (by and large) sensibly try to confirm to your extraordinary guidelines for an Order. Anyway at times where this isn’t attainable, conceivable or industrially sensible, Knok Knok or potentially the Vendor claim all authority to continue to set up the Order as per standard working methodology. Neither Knok Knok nor the Vendor will be mindful to supplant or discount an Order which doesn’t adjust to unique directions given by you.

6.4 Allergens – Knok Knok isn’t committed to give fixing data or allergen data on the Platforms. Further, Knok Knok doesn’t ensure that the Goods sold by Vendors are liberated from allergens. On the off chance that you have sensitivities, hypersensitive responses or dietary limitations and necessities, kindly contact the Vendor prior to putting in a Request on our Platforms.

6.5 Please note that your Order might be dependent upon extra agreements given by the Vendor.

6.6 Prior to putting in the Request

6.6.1 You are needed to give the conveyance address all together for the Platform to show the Vendors accessible in your conveyance region.

6.6.2 Once you select a Vendor, you will be taken to that Vendor’s menu page for you to choose and add your Goods to the truck.

6.7 Placing the Order

To finish an Order, kindly adhere to the onscreen directions subsequent to clicking ‘Checkout’. You might be needed to give extra subtleties to us to finish your Order. You are needed to survey and affirm that all the data you give, including the sums, conveyance subtleties, individual subtleties, installment data, and voucher codes (in case relevant) is valid, precise and complete before you click “Spot ORDER”. An Order is effectively positioned when you get an email affirmation containing your Order receipt from us.

6.8 Cancelling an Order

6.8.1 Please reach us promptly by means of us in-application client service visit includes in the event that you wish to drop your Order after it has been put. You reserve the privilege to drop your Order gave a Vendor has not yet acknowledged your Order.

6.8.2 Refunds

(I) Online Payment Orders

You reserve the privilege to a discount for a dropped Order provided that a Vendor has not yet acknowledged your Order. Should you actually choose to drop your Order after it has been acknowledged by the Vendor, you comprehend that no discounts (regardless of whether in entire or partially) will be given to you and you relinquish the conveyance of your dropped Order.

(ii) Cash-on-Delivery Orders

You reserve the privilege to drop your Order provided that a Vendor has not yet acknowledged your Order. Should you actually choose to drop your Order after it has been acknowledged by the Vendor, you comprehend that you will relinquish the conveyance of your dropped Order and money down might be eliminated from your rundown of accessible installment strategies for your future orders.

6.9 Knok Knok claims all authority to drop any Order and additionally suspend, deactivate or end your Knok Knok account in its sole prudence in the event that it sensibly suspects or identifies false conduct or action related with your Knok Knok account or potentially with your Order.

  1. Prices and Payments

7.1 Prices cited on the Platform will be shown in the material country’s public cash and dependent upon pertinent expense. Costs and offers on the Platforms might change from the costs and you acknowledge that offers presented by our Vendors (either on their own sites, versatile applications, or at their physical outlets).

7.2 The manner in which we show the costs of our Goods might change contingent upon the Vendor, and the costs considered our Platforms may:

7.2.1 incorporate GST, VAT or such other comparable duty; or

7.2.2 prohibit GST, VAT or such other comparable expense.

A breakdown of the costs and extra charges are shown before Checkout. At the point when you submit a Request, you consent to all sums, extra charges and the last ‘Aggregate sum’ which is shown to you.

7.3 Delivery expenses are chargeable on each Order except if:

7.3.1 you select to gather your Order straightforwardly from the Vendor (“Pick-Up”);

7.3.1 you have a legitimate limited time or rebate voucher and apply it at Checkout; or

7.3.3 except if expressed in any case.

7.4 Prices demonstrated on the Platforms are as at the hour of each Order and might be likely to change.

7.5 You can decide to pay for an Order utilizing any of the distinctive installment strategies presented on the Platforms including:

7.5.1 Our installment accomplices: Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay;

7.5.2 Cash-on-Delivery; or

7.5.3 Such other installment technique we offer now and again.

7.6 If you have existing credit in your Knok Knok account or legitimate special or rebate vouchers, you can utilize this compensation for part or all of your Order by and large.

7.7 After an Order is effectively positioned, you will get an email affirmation from us with your Order receipt. Conveyance charges won’t show up in your Order receipt on the off chance that you settle on Pick-Up.

7.8 Payment Methods

7.9 You should guarantee that you have adequate assets on your credit and charge card to satisfy installment of an Order. To the extent that required, Knok Knok assumes liability for installments made on our Platforms including discounts, chargebacks, retractions and debate goal, given if sensible and legitimate and as per these T&Cs.

  1. Delivery, Pick-Up and Vendor Delivery

8.1 Delivery Areas

You comprehend that our Vendors offer their Goods in explicit conveyance regions and our Vendors change from conveyance region to conveyance region. By entering your conveyance address on the Platforms, you will see the Vendors that we make accessible to you around then. Conveyance regions might extend, therapist or change contingent upon climate and traffic conditions and circumstances of power majeure.

8.2 Delivery Time

8.2.1 Knok Knok will convey your Order to the conveyance address given by You. You might decide for your Order to be conveyed “Quickly” or planned for a particular time frame. An expected conveyance time will be given to you in your email affirmation yet conveyance times will shift contingent upon factors that are not constrained by us (for example request amount, distance, season of day (top periods), climate conditions, traffic conditions, and so on) You can see the leftover conveyance season of an Order when you click on ‘My orders’ on the Platforms. You recognize that the conveyance time we give is just a gauge and Orders might show up prior or later. To guarantee that you don’t miss a conveyance of an Order, you ought to guarantee that possibly you or somebody is at the conveyance area to get the Order once an Order is set. In the event that your Order contains Alcohol or Tobacco (if appropriate) and you or the beneficiary is or has all the earmarks of being beneath the lawful age, or neglects to give a legitimate proof of ID, Knok Knok saves the right not to convey your Order to you.

8.3 Unsuccessful or Failed Deliveries

8.3.1 In situations where we endeavor to convey an Order yet we can’t do as such because of the reasons brought about by you, including yet not restricted to:

(I) nobody was available or accessible to get the Order; or

(ii) client was uncontactable in spite of endeavors to arrive at the client by means of the telephone number gave; or

(iii) absence of fitting or adequate admittance to convey the Order effectively;

(iv) absence of a reasonable or secure area to leave the Order; or

(v) on account of Restricted Goods, client didn’t meet the legal age necessities or conveyance didn’t consider it protected or suitable for the client to get the Restricted Goods.

8.3.2 No-show Cancellations

On the off chance that you stay uncontactable or neglect to get the Order inside ten (10) minutes from the time the Order shows up at your conveyance address, Knok Knok maintains all authority to drop the Order without discount or solution for you.

8.4 Wrong Order, Missing Items, Defective Goods

Endless supply of your Order, on the off chance that you find that there are issues with your Order (for example wrong request, faulty request, or missing things) kindly contact client assistance through one of the strategies showed in Clause 1.3 above right away. At times, Knok Knok may demand for visual verification or potentially extra data to appropriately examine the issue with your Order. In the event that we confirm that the Order and additionally Goods you got are not of agreeable condition or quality, we will repay you for your Order or portions of your Order.

8.5 Order Pick-Up

8.5.1 Where accessible, you will have the alternative of gathering your Order face to face straightforwardly from the Vendor’s premises (“Pick-Up”) rather than having the Order conveyed to You. Your email affirmation will demonstrate the ideal opportunity for you to Pick-Up the Order (“Collection Time”). The Vendor will set up the Order by the Collection Time. Sometimes, a sensible deferral might be normal. The Vendor consents to hold the Order for you at the Vendor’s premises for close to a sensible time of twenty (20) minutes from the Collection Time (“Holding Time”) and will not be obliged to give the Order to you on the off chance that you neglect to Pick-Up your Order inside the Holding Time.

8.5.2 in case of preposterous postponements in Pick-Up inferable from you, you bear the danger of any harm or loss of Goods or any disintegration in quality or change in state of the Goods (for example changes in the temperature fit for utilization). For this situation, you will not be qualified for a substitution, discount or substitution of the Goods. Only you are answerable for investigating the Goods/Order when you Pick-Up your Order and will report any issues and additionally imperfections to the Vendor prior to leaving the Vendor’s premises.

8.6 Vendor Delivery

At times, our Vendors will convey the Order to you (“Vendor Delivery”). While we will utilize sensible endeavors to give earlier notification to you on Vendor Delivery, this may not generally be conceivable. Where Vendor Delivery applies, we might request that you contact the Vendor straightforwardly in case of issues or deferrals in your conveyance. Knok Knok will not be dependable at all for Orders or Goods that are conveyed by Vendors.

  1. Vouchers, Discounts and Promotions

9.1 From time to time, Knok Knok may run showcasing and limited time crusades which offer voucher codes, limits, and other special proposals to be utilized on the Platforms (“Vouchers”). Vouchers are dependent upon legitimacy periods, recovery periods, and in specific cases, may just be utilized once.

9.2 Vouchers may not be legitimate when utilized related to different advancements, limits or different vouchers. Extra agreements might apply to Vouchers.

9.3 Unless in any case expressed, Vouchers must be utilized on our Platforms.

9.4 Vouchers can’t be traded for cash.

9.5 Knok Knok maintains whatever authority is needed to void, end or reject the utilization of any Voucher without earlier notification Individual Cafes T&Cs and conditions apply

9.6 We might reject specific Vendors from the utilization of Vouchers whenever without earlier notification to you.

  1. Representations, Warranties and Limitation of Liabilities

10.1 Representations and Warranties

You recognize and concur that the substance on the Platforms are given on an “with no guarantees” and “as accessible” premise, and that your utilization of or dependence upon the Platforms and any substance, merchandise, items or administrations got to or gotten in this way is at your sole danger and watchfulness. While Knok Knok puts forth sensible attempts to guarantee the arrangement of the Platforms and the administrations we offer, are accessible consistently, we don’t warrant or address that the Platforms will be given in a way which is secure, convenient, continuous, blunder free, liberated from specialized troubles, deserts or infections. If it’s not too much trouble, expect transitory interferences of the Platform because of booked or ordinary framework upkeep work, personal times inferable from web or electronic correspondences or occasions of power majeure.

Limit of Liability

To the degree allowed by law, Knok Knok (which will incorporate its workers, chiefs, specialists, agents, offshoots and parent organization) prohibit all responsibility (regardless of whether emerging in agreement, in carelessness or in any case) for misfortune or harm which you or any outsider might cause regarding our Platforms, our administrations, and any site connected to our Platforms and any substance or material posted on it. Your selective cure concerning your utilization of the Platforms is to cease your utilization of the Platforms. The Knok Knok substances, their representatives, agents, and specialist organizations will not be at risk for any backhanded, extraordinary, coincidental, considerable, or commendable harms emerging from your utilization of the Platforms or for some other case related in any capacity to your utilization of the Platforms. These rejections for aberrant, exceptional, significant, and praiseworthy harms incorporate, without impediment, harms for lost benefits, lost information, loss of altruism, work stoppage, work stoppage, PC disappointment, or glitch, or some other business harms or misfortunes, regardless of whether the Knok Knok elements, their representatives, delegates, and specialist organizations have been instructed concerning the chance thereof and paying little heed to the lawful or evenhanded hypothesis whereupon the case is based. Since certain states or wards don’t permit the rejection or the restriction of responsibility for weighty or accidental harms, in such states or locales, Knok Knok, the Knok Knok elements, its representatives, delegates and specialist co-ops’ obligation will be restricted to the degree allowed by law.

10.3 Vendor’s portrayals

Knok Knok will neither be at risk for activities or oversights of the Vendor nor you as to arrangement of the Goods and where Vendor Delivery applies to your Order. Knok Knok doesn’t accept any obligation for the amount, quality, condition or different portrayals of the Goods as well as administrations given by Vendors or assurance the precision or fulfillment of the data (counting menu data, photographs and pictures of the Goods) showed on the Vendor’s posting/presenting on the Platform. Nothing in these T&Cs will bar Vendor’s obligation for death or individual injury emerging from Vendor’s gross carelessness or stiff-necked offense.

  1. Vendor Liability

Merchants are answerable for the readiness, condition and nature of Goods. In instances of Vendor Delivery, Vendors are liable for conveyance of the Goods as well as Orders. Knok Knok will not be responsible for any misfortune or harm emerging from your authoritative relationship with the Vendor.

  1. Personal Data (Personal Information) Protection

You concur and agree to Knok Knok and any of its associate organizations gathering, utilizing, preparing and unveiling your Personal Data as per these T&Cs and as further depicted in our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is accessible through the connections on our Platforms, and will shape a piece of these T&Cs.

  1. Indemnity

You consent to reimburse, guard, hold innocuous Knok Knok, its chiefs, officials, workers, delegates, specialists, and offshoots, from all outsider cases, responsibility, harms and additionally costs (counting however not restricted to, legitimate charges) emerging from your utilization of the Platforms or your break of these T&Cs.

  1. Third Party Links and Websites

The Platforms might contain connections to other outsider sites and by tapping on these connections, you consent to do as such at your own danger. Knok Knok acknowledges no obligation or obligation regarding any misfortune or harm which might be endured by you according to your entrance and utilization of these outsider connections and sites.

  1. Termination

Knok Knok has the option to end, suspend or erase your record and admittance to the Platforms, including any conveyance administration we give to you in regard of an Order, under any circumstance, including, without limit, if Knok Knok, in its sole carefulness, believes your utilization to be inadmissible, or in case of any break by you of the T&Cs. Knok Knok may, yet will be under no commitment to, give you an admonition preceding end of your utilization of the Websites.

  1. Amendments

Knok Knok may change these T&Cs whenever in its sole watchfulness. The revised T&Cs will be taking effect right now after presenting and you concur on the new T&Cs by proceeded with utilization of the Platforms. It is your obligation to check the T&Cs consistently. On the off chance that you disagree with the altered T&Cs, regardless of whether in entire or to some extent, you should quit utilizing the Platforms right away.

  1. Severability

On the off chance that any arrangement of these T&Cs of Use is observed to be invalid by any court having able ward, the shortcoming of such arrangement will not influence the legitimacy of the excess arrangements of these T&Cs of Use, which will stay in full power and impact. No waiver of any arrangement in these T&Cs of Use will be considered a further or proceeding with waiver of such arrangement or some other arrangement.

  1. Governing Law

These T&Cs will be represented and understood as per the laws of the nation/courts of ward in which the applicable Knok Knok element is joined as set out in the table beneath. The accompanying courts will have ward over any debate or case emerging out of or regarding the utilization of the Platform:

Knok Knok Pakistan (; Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  1. Contact Us

In the event that you wish to get in touch with us in regards to any inquiries or remarks you might have, if it’s not too much trouble, send an email to our client care email or by means of our in-application client service talk highlight.

  1. Prevailing Language

In case of a debate with regards to the T&Cs, the English rendition will win. The English language adaptation of these T&Cs will control in all regards and will win if there should arise an occurrence of any irregularities with interpreted variants.