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Islamabad foods

Kebab is one of the most popular dishes of the city. It is basically lamb meat served with buttered and salted rice. The tenderness of the meat is attributed to the marination of the meat 8 hours prior to cooking. The aroma is enhanced due to addition of saffron in the rice.

Chappali Kabab
single recipe


1) Chicken bonless 1/2 kg
2) red chilli 1 Tea sp
3) dry corionder 1 Tea sp
4) immli 1 tbl sp
5) green corionder some leafs
6) mint obtional
7) black paper 1/2 Tea sp
8) egg 1
9) Oil for frying

How To Make Chappali Kabab


1) take bonless chicken & mix all ingredients in it.
2) chop meat, even mix perfectly.
3) take some quintity of ckicken & give it shap of chappali kabab when u make 4,5 piece dan deep fry & serve with tomato kechap & rieta.